Three Arrested After Shooting Homeless People With BB Gun

CINCINNATI, OHIO — Three people were arrested after police say they drove up to homeless people around the city and shot them with a bb gun. Surveillance video captured some of the incident. A total of 7 people were shot, with at least 2 of them being homeless.

Another person shot was a bar owner who had just left work. As he was walking, the trio pulled up and asked him for directions before opening fire.

The public came to the aid of police to help catch the three people, comprised of two sisters and a man.

Police said the public helped them identify sisters Brittany and Kelsey Hopper, who turned themselves in on Tuesday.

The third suspect, 30-year old-David White, who shares a child with Brittany Hopper, was arrested Tuesday night, police said.

via whio.com

Both sisters have been charged with six counts of misdemeanor assault, while White was charged with seven.

From a defensive standpoint, I see no reason why a target could interpret an attack such as this as a deadly threat. It’s impossible in many cases to distinguish a bb gun from a real gun, especially at night. If someone had fired back in self-defense with a real gun, I believe that they would be found justified in their actions.

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