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[CCW IN ACTION] Teen Shot And Killed After Picking Wrong Victim In Chicago Bank Parking Lot

OAK PARK, IL — When a teenage thug thought he had found an easy target in the parking lot of an Oak Park bank, he quickly found out that he was sorely mistaken.

NBC Chicago reports that a 16-year boy attempted to rob a 24-year old man in the parking lot of a bank in broad daylight — shortly before noon.

Unfortunately for him, the young thug was not the only one armed in the confrontation.

The intended victim was a legally-permitted concealed carrier, and exchanged gunfire with the teen.

The teen evidently was hit at least once but was able to get to his getaway car.

He made it into Chicago to a hospital, where he eventually died.

The intended victim was detained and questioned by investigators, but as a legally-armed citizen whose life was being clearly threatened by some kid looking to make a quick buck, it is clear who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

Once again, we see a crime thwarted by an armed citizen with the presence of mind and will to defend himself in the face of a deadly threat.

You know, if enough criminals are confronted with intelligent, responsibly-armed citizens every time they try to make an easy score, there just may be a dip in crime. Maybe even a big dip.

Spread the word, folks — guns save lives. They’re not the problem. This story is proof of that.

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