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Man Opens Fire Inside ‘Casino’ After Dispute, Armed Security Guard Stops The Threat Immediately

LAKE CITY, FLORIDA — An unidentified man had an altercation at a gambling den named Q-Time 777, and decided to go outside and retrieve his gun. Upon re-entering the building, police say he opened fire.

An armed security guard responded.

At some point, he began shooting multiple shots inside of the business where there were other patrons inside,” explained Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Steven Khachigan. “At that point, a security guard, who was also armed, engaged the suspect in gunfire.”

via casino.org

The man was shot and killed. No other injuries were reported.

The location, essentially a garage, is not an actual casino. The games and opportunities that they have are unclear.

Even so, it’s still a thing that people go to. And with that, unstable things can happen. Being armed inside a casino in Florida is legal, unless they ask you to leave after finding out that you’re carrying a firearm.

Luckily, the security guard was armed and kept a level head to take this deadly threat head-on, resulting in no other injuries or deaths aside from the suspect.

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