TRICK-OR-TREAT: Elderly Homeowner Uses Gun To Scare Off 4 Home Invaders


WEST HELENA, UTAH — On Halloween night, everyone expects ghouls and goblins begging for candy.  But what happens when it’s four armed robbers instead?  One couple discovered this the hard way when they were greeted at the door with a shotgun.  The homeowner backed up and three other criminal accomplices entered.

According to KUTV, one had a shotgun and another had a rifle.  The homeowner didn’t waste any time in drawing his own handgun and discharging one round into the ceiling.  The armed burglars quickly fled, dropping their weapons.

Salt Lake City Police have confirmed that they have the firearms in their custody and will be actively searching for all four criminals.

Okay, points awarded for winning.  Additional points awarded for getting out of that mess without getting killed or injured.  HUGE deductions for firing a round into the ceiling of your own house.  It’s slightly understandable — people naturally don’t want to kill people unless they have to.  THIS IS ONE OF THOSE SITUATIONS.

If there are four armed men invading your house, it’s time to either fight back or comply.  This elderly couple was fast enough on their feet to draw down on the armed robbers.  Unfortunately, that type of errant behavior can get someone hurt or worse.

While no one can anticipate that sort of situation, if given the opportunity — narrow the playing field by one.  One less armed thug in your house.  One less aggressive person you have to fight to regain control of your home.

And lastly, don’t answer the door unless you know who’s on the other side.  This has repeatedly been a recipe for disaster.  Peek out a window, check through a camera — do whatever you got to do.  Confirm the presence of somebody you know.  Any amount of checking before opening the door would have confirmed the presence of a dude with a shotgun outside the front door.  As we all know, that advantage doesn’t guarantee success — but it does put the odds ever so slightly more in your favor.  And who doesn’t want a home field advantage?

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