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Attempted Robbery, Emphasis On Attempted, Because An Armed Employee Fought Back

DAVIDSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA — An employee of The Little Fish House was not in the mood for an armed robbery, and used their own force against an armed man who was bent on robbing the business.

Investigators learned that an attempted robber tried to get into the business, but, when they were not allowed to get in, the robber pulled out a gun and allegedly shot into the business.

An employee fired back. Deputies do not know if the robber was hit.

via myfox8.com

After reviewing surveillance video, police say they are confident that they’ll be able to find the person responsible for the attempted robbery.

This incident happened at 7:15 in the morning, and is a wake-up call (get it?) to those who think that bad things only happen at night and in the dark. Criminals will use all hours of the day to try and satisfy their goals, and that is why we must be on guard even in the morning hours.

The business, which is open 24 hours, was able to at least keep this guy out when they sensed something was wrong. That’s a big part of the battle, because everything changes once they’re inside.

Good work on the employee who didn’t think twice about defending themselves and others at the business.

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