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Burglar Shot After Following Victim Into House — How Dare People Defend Themselves?!

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — Jordan Lowe was just minding his own business, trying to break into a car in Uptown New Orleans, when the owner of the vehicle had the audacity to try and stop him.  Protecting his inalienable right to steal other people’s stuff, Lowe bravely assaulted the owner of the vehicle, allegedly beating him repeatedly with a stick until the owner retreated into his home according to WDSU-6.

“What right does that person have to stop being beaten after trying to protect his property,” you might ask?

Well, Lowe asked that very same question and pursued the victim into his home to deliver even more of a beating and possibly more.  As is his right, right?

What happened next is truly atrocious, folks.  It just demonstrates the level of lawlessness in this country where victims have the crazy belief that they’re entitled to defend themselves from unwarranted criminal aggression.  Don’t you know, the victim got a gun from his home and shot Lowe twice while he was just going to deliver a friendly assault and battery inside the victim’s own home?

Thankfully, police arrived quickly and brought Lowe to a nearby medical center where he’s now listed in stable condition.  Let’s all wish him a speedy recovery so he can go back to busting into other people’s property and then violently attacking them when they try to get him to stop!

Oh the audacity of these law-abiding gun owners!  When will they learn that what’s theirs is actually somebody else’s?!

Sarcasm aside for a moment, folks, sometimes criminals only get force as a deterrent to force.  Kind words, nice gestures, “hey, please stop stealing my stuff” — all well and good. But the second a criminal doesn’t care anymore — there’s only one option left to educate him.

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