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[VIDEO] The Newest Scary Addition To The Holster Industry: The Handgun Sling™

I keep quiet about a lot of things but when safety comes into play, you can only remain quiet for just so long. While the following is my opinion, I strongly stand by it.

Enter: The Handgun Sling™ (Facebook) (Website)

This new ‘holster’ concept seems to have popped up in just the past few days with the YouTube video above making it’s debut. If you go directly to YouTube to see the video, you’ll also see a majority of thumbs down on the video (not to mention comments of concern).

The Handgun Sling™ is essentially a piece of bungee with a coin and a rod. You do not have adequate retention, you do not have anything covering the trigger, and you do not have a safe method of carrying a firearm.

To use it, you’re supposed to place the rod into the barrel of your firearm. Not safe. There are only two things that should ever be in the barrel: a bullet, and cleaning instruments.

ScreenHunter_129 Aug. 31 11.46

I’m all for advancement and innovative ideas, but not ones that sacrifice safety. There is a time and place for products like this, and it isn’t in the firearms industry. Sometimes, you need a piece of equipment that is going to safely house your firearm at all times. And by sometimes, I mean always.

Here is how your firearm would look once it’s in place by using this method:

ScreenHunter_129 Aug. 31 13.44

If you remember from a while ago, I did a little piece on the Versacarry® holster that received a lot of buzz. We have also discussed the Zero Carry holster in the past. The fact is though, these things need to be talked about. There are so many people who are new to concealed carry, and products like these are –in my opinion– not a good starting place for the n00bs.

If you’re going to carry a firearm, you should have something that covers the trigger guard, and something that is going to offer proper retention and security. And, a holster that allows you to carry with a round in the chamber without constant fear of a ND is a good idea, too.


Still not convinced.

More importantly, let’s talk about the practicality of this thing.  When is there ever an occasion where you won’t have enough time or ability to strap in a holster but this would make perfect sense?

Serious question.  If you can spare the time to equip your concealed carry firearm – why wouldn’t you take the extra 5 seconds to put it in a holster that protected the trigger and kept it secure along the waistline?

Sorry, but this product is a big NOPE for me on a grand scale. Pass.

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