Another Month Of NICS Checks, Another 1M Guns In The Hands Of Americans

By John Boch via TTAG

Too often, the mainstream media can’t seem to find room, with all the Russian wild goose-chasing, to report real news. New like the record number of NICS background checks in the month of April. Much to Michael Bloomberg’s and George Soros’ chagrin, 1,004,000 of those checks came prior to gun sales. Yes, Virginia, Americans brought home another million  or so shootin’ irons last month.

Another Month, Another Sales Record... and Another Million Guns Find Homes

Indeed, Americans kept the FBI very busy in April. Some will point out that NICS checks don’t equate to guns actually sold, and that’s true. However, a look at the more in-depth reporting of the FBI’s data shows exactly how many of those checks came prior to gun sales. The balance of the checks come from states performing re-verifications, or queries related to carry license applications.

Looking at April’s report:  563,601 checks came for handguns, 375,946 for long guns, 45,929 for “other,” and 19,349 checks for my favorite, “multiple gun purchases.” In short, over 1,004,825 guns.

For those asking for clarification on the “other” category, the FBI explains it as, “Refers to frames, receivers and other firearms that are not either handguns or long guns (rifles or shotguns), such as firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell” (think Mossberg Shockwave and the like). Their description, not mine.

Of course, the mainstream media either ignore these numbers or simply make up, well, fake news. Like CBS News’ report from March 5, 2018:

“Trump slump” for gun sales isn’t reversing

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Gun store owners called it the “Trump slump.” Sales of firearms slowed dramatically after the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016 allayed fears of a Democratic crackdown on gun owners.

That trend has continued in recent weeks even with talk of gun control in Congress and among business leaders following the Feb. 14 massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school.

In the past, gun massacres generally led to an uptick in sales as people worried about the government restricting access. But with Parkland, things are different.

Who are you going to believe: CBS or two back-to-back monthly records for NICS checks?

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