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Man Breaks Into An Elderly Woman’s Home Because She Refused To Let Him Use Her Phone — Assaults Her Son Before Getting Shot

SIDNEY, MAINE — A complete stranger arrived on the doorstep of an 84-year-old woman and asked to use her phone. When she declined and referred him to ask somewhere else, he violently broke into her home. She called her son who lives next door. He arrived and confronted the intruder and was assaulted by him. During the physical confrontation, he took out his gun and shot 21-year-old Dreaquan Foster of Providence, Rhode Island.

For those unfamiliar with New England, Rhode Island is over 200 miles away. That’s a long way to go to violently assault an elderly woman and her son. But, according to a Sidney police statement sourced by the Associated Press, the son survived the conflict despite taking an injury to the head.

Dreaquan Foster’s condition remains to be seen.

Maine recently became a permitless carry state for residents. This enables your average law-abiding citizen to travel freely through the state with a gun. For situations like the one mentioned above, it certainly pays to keep that gun close.

If you would have asked that household even a day prior if they would expect to get a visit from a random stranger from Providence, they’d likely look at you like you were insane.

That’s how quickly things can turn from logical to illogical. And in the middle of all of that is the potential for real harm to come to good people.

If her son didn’t live next door or wasn’t available to come over and help her, she likely would have been at the mercy of a man who had absolutely no compunction about using violence arbitrarily. That means, even as a complete stranger in a strange place, he thought so little of these people that he was willing to put them in serious harm.

I’m sure I’m being harsh on Dreaquan. His car probably broke down. He probably was stressed out about engineering finals at MIT.

In either case, if he recovers, he will face charges associated with felonious assault and breaking and entering. So even though he’s not from Maine, has no reason to be in Sidney bashing down some elderly woman’s door, he can still get really accustomed to the fantastic state-of-the-art correctional facilities located within that state. And who knows? Maybe after he gets out, he will come to love the land and its inhabitants and claim it as his own?

Not very likely.

In any case, this is the true tale of how violent, dangerous situations progress. They can come out of nowhere and manifest some truly frightening ways. Being armed, being able to defend yourself and your family should be a top priority for every person who’s capable of doing so. This son gets it.

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