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TSA Finds Another Handgun In Someone’s Carry-On

A Pennsylvania woman’s carry-on bag was found to contain a loaded .380 caliber handgun during a routine security screening at Harrisburg International Airport. The discovery marked the fifth such incident at the airport this year, with the firearm discovered to be loaded with a chambered round.

This case follows another recent event where a different woman was stopped on May 23rd with a loaded 9mm handgun in her carry-on luggage. The repeated incidents have led to warnings from airport security officials.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Deputy Federal Security Director, Don Weston, stressed that weapons, including firearms, are strictly forbidden at airport security checkpoints. Weston urged all travelers to be cognizant of their firearms location at all times. He recommended that passengers begin packing with an empty bag to avoid inadvertently including prohibited items.

Travelers should note that possessing a concealed carry permit does not exempt them from these regulations. Those found with weapons at a checkpoint can face civil penalties up to $15,000. For safe and legal firearm transportation during flights, travelers are advised to consult the guidelines available on the TSA website.

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