[SAFE REVIEW] The Gunbox 2.0 Review

I am the type of person that whenever I am at home, I’m wearing my favorite pair of sweatpants. Clearly, my at-home attire is not the most practical for carrying a gun, so I don’t typically carry at home. However, I still think it is extremely important to be prepared to defend myself and my housemates.

The Gunbox 2.0 was a great solution for me because it allows me to have quick access to my firearm if needed, and it keeps it locked from everyone else (I live with two other people, one of which has no experience with firearms). The Gunbox can be opened quickly with your fingerprint, RFID, or a numerical code, and has the ability to remember multiple fingerprints. Additionally, it was simple to set up and it came with easy to follow instructions. It does need to be charged, but according to the setup guide, one charge can last up to three months. Another important aspect of the Gunbox 2.0 is the size. In mine, I was able to fit my Glock 19, a 15-round magazine, and a 33-round magazine. It should fit any full-size handgun.

The Gunbox 2.0 is priced at $289 and comes with two color options (carbon black and gun smoke). They sometimes have special edition color options that can be found on their social media pages. It is more expensive than other gun safes that can be unlocked in similar ways, but the Gunbox 2.0 does have a unique design. I have the gun smoke version and it looks great on my nightstand, kitchen counter, and coffee table. Because of its design, it isn’t super obvious that it is meant for storing guns. Someone actually thought my Gunbox was a panini maker at first.

While I don’t have any children living at my house, I think the Gunbox 2.0 would be a great option for households with kids. It will keep your firearms securely stored where children cannot access them. It still allows you to get to them quickly if the need were to arise. The only concern I would have is that a child could get ahold of one of the RFID tags and unlock the box, but that could be avoided with the appropriate precautions.

The main reason why I wanted this product was because I wanted to be able to easily access my firearm in case of an emergency, but I also didn’t want to just leave a loaded gun on my nightstand or kitchen counter. So far, the Gunbox 2.0 has really done its job. It has given me peace of mind and has allowed me to defend responsibly.


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Jackie is a college student majoring in business and she is passionate about promoting campus carry. Her favorite firearm to carry is the M&P Shield 9mm in a CrossBreed holster with an Ulticlip.

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