Delaware State Fair. Photo by Lee Cannon via Flickr, Creative Commons License

Delaware State Fair Bans All Guns, Even If You Have A Concealed Carry Permit


The Delaware State Fair, scheduled for July 20-29, 2023, is facing criticism from a Second Amendment group, the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association (DSSA), for its no-guns policy. The fair has imposed a ban on all forms of weapons, including those carried by licensed individuals, stating that the safety of guests is their top priority.

The ban covers an array of items, such as firearms, knives, stun guns, and others. If caught with any of these, attendees will have to return them to their vehicle or surrender them to security, after which they’ll be confiscated permanently.

In response to this, the DSSA accuses the fair of being “anti-gun,” arguing that law-abiding permit holders don’t pose a public safety threat. They state that “gun-free zones” potentially invite crime, as they leave innocent people unarmed and vulnerable.

The fair has installed metal detectors at all entry points to enforce this policy, and it advises even those with concealed carry licenses, including retired police officers and out-of-state law enforcement, to leave their firearms at home.

“In a blatant insult to law-abiding permit holders, they say their ban on licensed and lawful concealed carry is to keep fairgoers ‘safe.’ Really? Since when do law-abiding, licensed concealed carry permit holders constitute a public safety threat to anyone but bad guys with guns?” DSSA said.

“The Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association stringently opposes this draconian new policy and the Delaware State Fair’s grossly inappropriate insult to the law-abiding Concealed Carry Permit holders and 218 Permit holders of the State of Delaware.

“So-called ‘gun free zones’ are a dangerous invitation to criminal violence by those who would prey upon the innocent and unarmed in our society,” the group said. “History has shown that ‘Gun Free Zones’ such as the one created by the Delaware State Fair are inherently dangerous, indeed.” 

The fair organizers have yet to comment on the statement from the DSSA.

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