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Concealed Carrier Stuck In Shoot-Out With Would-Be Attacker, Walks Up To Police To Explain His Side

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Houston police responded to a report of shots fired in vicinity of a gas station around 8 p.m. When they arrived, they found one man shot multiple times. Another man emerged and explained to police that he shot the other man because he was the victim of an attempted robbery.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the alleged defender had a license to carry (LTC) and produced his gun for detectives. They will continue to investigate the scene but it appears that both of the men fired at each other before the concealed carrier retreated to cover. The alleged aggressor was taken to the hospital in serious condition but is expected to recover.

This is a real glimpse inside how police view a scene when they respond to shots fired. A lot of times, they have no idea what happened and are rolling up on the conclusion of the event. With a body on the ground and another man saying he was attacked, it’s their job to piece together what happened before, during, and after when bullets started flying.

As for the concealed carrier, he did the right thing by cooperating with police and helping them with their investigation. In an ideal scenario, he should have placed a call to his attorney prior to that but the world is anything but perfect.

Actual defensive shootings — shootings where a concealed carrier or gun owner is out in town and forced to defend his life — are pretty rare but a growing occurrence. Because the law of the land changes so drastically from each event, it’s hard to picture the perfect way about dealing with the aftermath from the law-abiding citizen’s perspective.

That’s why an attorney is so important. No matter how right you are in your actions, it’s best to bring someone in that has direct knowledge of legal precedent as it pertains to your case.

After you fire your gun in defense, your body is flushed with adrenaline. You’re stressed out. Some people will be still scared even after the threat has been neutralized. People legitimately experience post-traumatic stress syndrome following these types of incidents. It’s not at all uncommon and it’s something that a person should be aware of when he finds himself in that situation.

In an altered state of mind, it may be difficult to correctly recall precisely what happened between the time you drew your handgun and when you talked to police. That’s why I honestly suggest you seek an attorney. In all likelihood, you have absolutely nothing to fear from the legal system but you need to take pro-active measures to protect yourself even after the shooting is over.

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