Mass Murderer When Door-To-Door Killing Neighbors, One Man Had Shotgun But It Wasn’t Loaded


HENRY COUNTY, GEORGIA — The Dogwood Lakes community experienced a horrifying incident on Saturday as a suspect embarked on a deadly shooting spree, ending four lives in the tranquil neighborhood. The victims, Scott and Shirley Leavitt, Steve Blizzard, and Ronald Jeffers were unsuspecting neighbors of Longmore.

The suspect abruptly invaded one home, his intent clear. The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, recalled his brush with death, having left his garage door open. A close encounter with a gunshot that mercifully missed marked the start of a terrifying few minutes. He was taken through his own home at gunpoint, his every move dictated by the suspect.

That suspect, intent on escape, demanded the keys to his car. Left defenseless, the homeowner complied, only to drop to the ground in fear after surrendering the keys. The criminal’s unsuccessful attempt to start the car led the resident to fear a return assault. Acting quickly, he retrieved his shotgun, ready to defend his home.

The neighbor spoke with reporters, having this to say:

“He was in my house for about three minutes because I saw the Ring when my daughter ran out the front door and then he took me through the kitchen at gunpoint, to the bedroom at gunpoint,” the neighbor said. “He asked for the keys to my car. I walked him to the bedroom and got it and I just dropped to the ground because I had no defense, and he must have not felt threatened and ran out the garage door. And I saw the lights blinking on my car and I just kept yelling ‘It’s the white KIA, just take it, just take the car. Please just go.’ And when everything stopped, and it got quiet, I thought he was going to run in angry because he wasn’t able to start it, so I grabbed my shotgun as quick as I could and filled it up.”

The suspect didn’t come back.

In this ordeal, the homeowner had a shotgun but it was unloaded, not ready for the fight. The incident underscores the critical importance of having an effective means of defense within one’s home, and that’s why we promote the carrying of your firearm even at your house.

It’s a sobering reminder that danger can materialize unexpectedly, even in spaces considered safe and peaceful. Personal security cannot be underestimated, and preparedness can make the difference between life and death.

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