Neighbor Looks Out For Neighbor, Saves Him From Armed Robber — Someone’s Getting A Gift Basket This Next Christmas


CLAYTON, MISSOURI — Alone outside his home at 2 a.m., a homeowner saw a car pull up and a driver get out. When that driver pulled a handgun and attempted to rob him, the homeowner likely expected the worst. Thankfully, his neighbor saw everything happen and used his own gun to open fire on the armed robber.

According to KSDK News, the armed robber was hit multiple times but managed to get back into his car and drive to a nearby hospital. Police arrived at the hospital once they received a call a potential armed robber had been shot. Tre’Von Johnson, 24, matched the description given and will be taken into custody after he recovers from his serious injuries. He was charged with first-degree armed robbery, a felony.

Neither the neighbor nor the victim were harmed.

Fast thinking on behalf of that neighbor!

It’s hard to figure out situations like this at 2 a.m., but it honestly comes down to people looking out for each other. Concealed carry and gun ownership are both responsibilities that help the average citizen take control of his or her life. And while we usually write about how a gun is predominantly a tool in defending one’s own life and that of his family, we can clearly see a gun may also be the tool to help out a neighbor in distress.

When criminals are afraid to rob another man because they don’t know who else is around and who may step in to stop them, that’s when you start having safer neighborhoods. The smart criminals figure it out rather quickly. And the dumb ones? The ones that live have plenty of time to tell the rest while they’re spending time in prison or the hospital.

Make the streets safer by making the streets dangerous for criminals.

Now, what would I recommend in the case of someone who doesn’t want to risk his own life to help a neighbor in distress?

There’s a lot you can do without putting yourself in harm’s way.

  • Take down the license plate number of the vehicle.
  • Faithfully record evidence using a smartphone or video camera.
  • Call the police. Inform them of the situation. Standby for them to arrive.

Once they arrive, hand over any pertinent information that can be helped to identify and implicate the criminal.

You know the phrase, “snitches get stitches?” If you’re a gun owner and concealed carrier, that’s not your problem. Criminals can only have freedom of movement and action so long as no one steps up to oppose them. Providing police with useful information is a big step towards doing that. It doesn’t always require a gun. A gun is a tool. A smartphone or camcorder is also a tool. Both can be effective in deterring and stopping crime if used properly.

Consider the right tool for the job and certainly carry a handgun every single day, everywhere you go.

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