Video Shows Woman Having Gun Taken From Her Hands As She’s Shooting, The Flees As Man Fires

A video posted by Instagram user esteebanana shows what he says was something that he woke up to one morning outside his home.

The video shows two people in an argument that turns physical, with one woman holding a gun and saying “I’ll shoot you!”

The person going after her looks to be a man, and he’s able to gain control of her firearm as she’s firing shots.

Immediately following, she runs off and the man (now armed with the gun) fires a shot or two in her direction.

Not a few seconds later, multiple police cars are seen flying down the street in their direction. They come to a stop and see the man with the gun, who has it pointed up towards the air with both hands up.

Then, multiple shots are heard. From the video, it’s unclear whether or not the man fired at police.

A link to the video is here.

Whether or not this was a case of self-defense is anyone’s guess, and it’s impossible to understand the circumstances from the information in the video alone.

What we do know is this:

  1. It’s imperative that an armed person maintain control over their firearm at all costs,
  2. The man who police encountered likely did not survive, given the number of shots heard on the video.

If anyone has information on this incident, shoot us an email.

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