Elderly Man Wakes Up To Find Home Intruder In His Bedroom — Glad He Had A Shotgun Nearby


MOBILE, ALABAMA — An intruder was shot and killed after he broke into an elderly man’s home early in the morning. According to Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, the intruder broke into the master bedroom and was shot in the neck with a 12-gauge shotgun. He died at the scene. After taking back other witnesses that were in the home at the time, they concluded that the occupant had shot the man in self-defense.

Whatever would possess a 37-year-old man to target a 75-year-old elderly man is beyond me. Thankfully, that occupant had a gun and knew how to use it. It’ll be doubtful anyone will try that same mistake twice.

Imagine waking up early in the morning to discover the same thing. If that’s not motivation to keep that handgun or home defense shotgun or rifle near the bed stand, I don’t know what is.

Home defense is all about being able to react in a timely manner to a threat on or inside your property. I always promote evading and barricading but sometimes there isn’t any time for that.

One thing we all need to be mindful of intruders is that it’s a myth that they won’t hurt you if you just surrender. If a bad guy gets the upper hand, you can expect him to use force to get what he wants. And here’s the further problem: you don’t know what he wants.

Not every intruder is looking for money or possessions. Sometimes there’s actual nasty, evil people in this world seeking to hurt and potentially kill others while they sleep. It’s a hard reality but I’m not going to sit here and agree what the gun control advocates keep espousing: give up and roll over.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a handgun that you keep close by the bedside. You can pick whatever firearm or tool you think is appropriate for the job. If you have kids, grand kids, and others, it always pays to be mindful of where they are in relation to the bad guy. But do not ever assume that bad guy is just there to pick up your TV and walk out the door. Those sorts of mistakes turn into last mistakes all too often.

Keep that gun close while you’re at home. You never know what you’ll wake up to when you close your eyes to rest.

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