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[CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier Ambushed Outside Chinese Take-Out; Runs To Avoid Fight But Is Pursued And Forced To Defend Himself

OLNEY, PENNSYLVANIA — Imagine living in a place where violent mugging and robbery weren’t just a possibility, they were a likelihood. Welcome to the rough parts of Olney, Pennsylvania. Stepping outside a Chinese take-out restaurant, a concealed carrier was violently ambushed by an 18-year-old. The teenager struck the man across the face before the victim dropped his dinner and was forced to run.

via 6 ABC Action News

“The complainant drops his food and runs,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford. “And as he’s running, he’s screaming for help, actually trying to avoid any confrontation.”

But the teenager doesn’t stop. He continues to pursue the man, catching up to him and attempting to assault him again. That’s when the concealed carrier had no choice but to use deadly force to protect himself.

“The complainant is actually armed, and he has a valid permit to carry,” said Stanford. “At some point he pulls out that firearm. And he fired several shots, striking the male.”

The suspect was shot once in the leg, according to police, and is in stable condition. He will stand trial for assault and attempted robbery, amongst other lesser charges. Unfortunately, for residents that live in this area, violent crime like this incident are just weekly occurrences.

This happens at least twice a week. All these muggings and robberies. We’re used to it. We just have to cope with it,” one store owner said.

For some people, carrying a gun isn’t just a mindful gesture that they’re prepared to defend themselves — it’s preparing for a very real possibility. This concealed carrier did his very best to escape the situation peacefully. When that failed, that teenager forced him to choose his own life over the suspect’s. He chose wisely.

A bad guy looking to steal your dinner is one thing. The concealed carrier was willing to concede his evening meal in favor of leaving a situation peaceably. But if the bad guy is going to pursue you after you give him what he wants, do you really think anything other than violence will stop him?

I don’t want to promote a world where “might makes right” but you have to live in a civil society where people respect the laws and don’t go out of their way to hurt one another. Because I can’t control what evil lies in the hearts of men, I have to prepare myself everyday for the possibility that today’s the day.

And likewise, I encourage every reader that may be on the fence — get the license or permit, get the training, get the gun and the holster. Carry that gun every single day, everywhere you possibly can.

It’s not just dinner we’re talking about — it’s your very life.

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