7-Eleven Clerk Charged With Murder After He Shot A Shoplifter Taking Off With Some Beer

DALLAS, TEXAS — A gas station employee was witness to wo men stealing 4 cases of beer, and he wasn’t about to let that happen. He follows the men outside to their truck and demands that they return the stolen brews. When they apparently decline, the 23-year-old opens fire, hitting at least one of the men.

That man died shortly after. His accomplice took off running and police are still searching for him.

Now, the clerk is being charged with murder.

The rules don’t change with being armed, and they’re pretty simple. Answering these questions will help you decide whether or not you’re about to do something stupid.

  • Is your life in immediate danger?
  • Is the life of another in immediate danger?

If you answered ‘no’ to those questions, it’s likely that the use of deadly force isn’t warranted.

Remember that property can be replaced, and when witnessing a theft, being a good witness is one of the best things that you can do. Get a description of the suspects and their vehicle, take some photos if you’re able. Call police and let them do their job, because it’s not yours.

Your job, as an armed citizen, is to protect your life if it’s in danger. You’re not here to protect material items.

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