Game Of Diminishing Returns: Thieves Catch Flak From Shotgun, Double Back To Return Fire And Get Their Car Riddled


FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS — Two thieves were ransacking a man’s vehicle in his driveway when he decided to let into them with a round from the ole’ shotgun. Snagged in the legs by pellets from one of the blasts, the thieves quickly jumped into their car where one of them had the bright idea to fire at the owner. The owner then, fearing for his life, opened up on the car — riddling it with buckshot.

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“The resident reported there were people outside and in his vehicle,” Lt. Philip Pevehouse wrote. “The subjects ran and jumped into a vehicle in the roadway. The homeowner fired one shot. The vehicle made a circle and turned again toward the homeowner where the resident stated a shot was fired from the vehicle toward him. The resident fired several more shots toward the vehicle. The vehicle fled the scene.”

Go figure but one of those suspects ended up showing up in a hospital not too long afterwards. Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office put two-and-two together and went out on a limb and said there may be some connection here.

The homeowner called in the incident to police prior to one of the suspects showing up in the hospital. As for the getaway car, police didn’t have to look too hard to find it abandoned on the freeway. Apparently, in that little blaze of glory, the driver must have thought that the car looked a bit suspicious cruising down the road.

“Deputies went to I-549 and discovered an abandoned car that had bullet holes,” Pevehouse writes. “Nearby the vehicle was also discovered what is believed to be stolen property. The property included electronic devices, guns and tools.”

So, incriminating evidence, stolen property, and a big ole’ wrecked car on the side of the highway. These guys probably need to find a new vocation after they get out of jail.

As for the homeowner, he did what he had to. When faced with two men, who apparently were armed, breaking into a vehicle that may contain firearms — he showed a surprising degree of restraint and calm.

He also made sure to call it into police.

These guys must have been a bit hurt after that shotgun blast and one of them thought it was just a genius idea to let off a shot in the direction of the guy they just robbed — while the guy had a shotgun already pointed at them. We’re talking some massive gaps in that logic train. These boys are lucky they made it out with all their fingers and toes. If anything, perhaps a stint in jail will help cool their jets and let them think up another way to make money. This crime thing isn’t working out all that well.

As a homeowner living out in the country, I always have to be cognizant that it could be awhile before police arrive. That’s why I always stay cognizant of cover and concealment. Standing out there like a cowboy and trading shots with the bad guys sure requires some gravitas but if you get hit, it might be a long wait until help arrives.

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