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Argument At Gas Station Leads To Defensive Gun Use, One Person Dead

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA — Police are still tying to determine the events that let to a fatal shooting at a Georgia gas station. From the initial report, it looks as though two men got into a heated exchange, which eventually led to shots being fired. However, the circumstances around that argument seem a little odd.

Police told Channel 2′s Lauren Davis that surveillance video shows the driver of a purple car was inside the car. When the victim drove up, the man got of a car and went over to the purple car.

Investigators said the two drivers got into an argument with each other. Multiple shots were fired, killing the victim.

The car that the victim arrived in drove away. The alleged shooter stayed at the scene.


Police are going off surveillance camera footage to try and piece this all together. What we know is that a man was sitting in his vehicle (a purple car) at the gas station when another vehicle pulled up. At that point one man exits the arriving vehicle and goes over to the man sitting in the purple car.

Now, because this is surveillance video, police are not able to hear the details of the conversation that is taking place between the two men. However, it is clear that the conversation gets heated and the two men start to argue. Moments later, shots are fired. The man in the purple vehicle lands fatal shots on the man who approached him.

Now what is interesting is that their was another person in the car that pulled up to the gas station. When his friend was shot, the car sped away. Upon an initial investigation, police are currently determining that this was a defensive shooting, and no charges are being filed against the shooter.

This leaves us to speculate on a few things. Was this an attempted robbery? Did that man who approached the person sitting in the purple car do so as part of an attempted armed robbery? As unlikely as it seems that an argument could ensue during an armed robbery, it is still very possible.

Another question that comes up is did these two men know each other? The argument between the two might make sense if this were the case. Either case, the shooting has been deemed justified. Thankfully, the driver was armed and prepared to defend himself. Hopefully more information will emerge that sheds additional light on this case.

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