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9 Months Pregnant Woman Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect With Her Husband: “Thank God We Had Our Guns”

HOUSTON, TEXAS — An expecting couple in North Houston successfully defended themselves from an armed assailant on Tuesday evening. The incident unfolded around 5:25 p.m. outside the All Season Food Store, where the woman was delivering food to her husband, where he works. The couple noticed two men in a silver SUV, one of whom approached them with a rifle. This man, later identified as 39-year-old felon Mario Duque, verbally threatened the couple and struck the husband with his firearm.

Despite being under attack, the couple responded decisively, with the pregnant woman retrieving a gun from her bag and shooting Duque, who persisted in threatening them. Her husband also shot at Duque. They then held Duque at gunpoint until help arrived. The woman expressed relief at being armed during the encounter, stating, “Thank God we had our guns. I’ve never been happier to be a gun carrier.”

Duque, prohibited from possessing firearms due to a previous conviction, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of a weapon. He is currently in hospital. The police are searching for a second suspect linked to the incident and are investigating further using surveillance footage. The couple has requested anonymity due to fear of retribution.

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