Right Or Wrong? Woman Fires At Two Armed Robbers After They Stole Her Purse And Started Running


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — A couple were robbed at gunpoint while they were going for a walk. After the robbers escaped with the woman’s purse, she pulled out a gun and opened fire on them. They returned fire but escaped the scene.

When investigators showed up, WSMV 4 reported that they found her purse several blocks away and returned it to her. Amazingly, no one was injured or killed. She claims she felt her life was in danger somehow after the armed robbers were already fleeing the scene.

This is where a rational adult accepts their loss and moves on.

If you’re at gunpoint and you give into the robber and the robber takes your things and leaves, the time for lawful use of firearms is over. The threat is over. This woman decided that two fleeing suspects were somehow a threat.

If the logic doesn’t quite add up, it’s because she acted irresponsibly. More over, a wild exchange of gun fire in a dark neighborhood stands to do more damage than good. It was pretty obvious she either couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn or outright couldn’t see her target. The suspects obviously didn’t care what they hit because they’re criminals and ipso facto they’re already on the wrong side of the law.

It’s the law-abiding person’s duty to ensure his rounds go where he aims them and he is justified in using those rounds. Obviously, you can choose to not worry about where the rounds may go but rest assured that the person who’s car you just shot is probably going to want money to repair it.

The police haven’t identified the suspects in this case but they sure identified the woman who fired her rounds. If the story on WSMV 4 News is any indication, there was damage done to nearby vehicles and probably someone’s siding. They can’t charge the robbers’ insurance but we’re guessing she’s going to get a bill or two in the mail.

Moral of the story: engaging a suspect with deadly force only works if the suspect actively poses a risk. If the suspect is already down the street, work on your story for the police report.

SIDENOTE: Does the police officer on the left look a little bit like Mark Zuckerberg?

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