GRAPHIC WARNING: Two Woman Stabbed To Death By Man In Random Attack At Mall

HONG KONG, CHINA — A graphic and horrible event unfolded at the Plaza Hollywood mall in Hong Kong last Friday, where a man brutally attacked two unsuspecting women, aged 22 and 26, with a knife.

The attacker, a 39-year-old man with a known history of mental illness and unemployment, launched his assault around 5 pm, leaving both women grievously injured and unconscious. They later succumbed to their wounds in the hospital, one woman having been stabbed over 25 times.

Police, arriving four minutes after being alerted, found no evidence that the victims knew their assailant.

Videos captured both the attack and the assailant’s purchase of the weapon just 10 minutes prior to the assault.

*Graphic Warning* This video is extremely graphic, one of the most graphic I’ve seen. For those who want to view and learn lessons, the video can be viewed here.

Unaware of the attacker’s identity, medical workers provided aid with him standing nearby until the police apprehended him, armed with shields and pepper spray.

The case is now being treated as murder.

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