Teen Who Shot And Killed Mother’s Boyfriend Ruled Self-Defense


CENTRAL ISLIP, NEW YORK — One 18-year-old defended his mother and his own life from his mother’s aggressive boyfriend. Despite using a firearm in self defense, he was still charged with second degree murder. We’ve just received word that charges have been dropped.

According to the Oneida Daily Dispatch, 28-year-old Rashad Woolridge got tossed out of the teenager’s house after the teen broke up a fight between him and his mother. Woolridge allegedly left the premises but returned and called out to the teenager to come out outside.

The procession of incidents has not been fully determined but the teenager’s mother claims she heard a single gunshot. When she stepped outside, Woolridge was dead on the ground.

This is a stark reminder to gun owners that just because self defense can be established, it doesn’t mean the prosecutor will immediately take it. In this case, the New York prosecutor thought he might have a case for charging this youth with murder. Thankfully, the jury backed up the teen’s actions and the case was dismissed.

For all we think we know about self defense and lawful gun use, there will always be some shadow of a doubt. If the prosecutor decides that presents an opportunity for him to make a case, you can bet he will.

We covered another story not too long ago that involved a 14-year-old girl who shot and killed her abusive father. Believe it or not, despite multiple corroborating stories confirming the physical abuse, the prosecutor is still going ahead with charges.

Protect your life — make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

This means getting a restraining order. Put in a home surveillance system so you can monitor what goes on outside your home. Distance yourself from abusive or toxic people. Buy and carry a gun every single day. Take a pistol safety class. Become confident and proficient in your own defense. Have an attorney on speed dial in the event of an emergency.

A lot of people will not do the things I mentioned above. They may do a couple but they won’t do all of them. If any of us ever run into a self defense situation and have to use a gun to defend our own life or the life of another, we will have wished we had done every single one of those things.

Pay now or pay later — everyone pays some time. Our lives are worth it.

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