14-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shoots Abusive Father To Save Mother And Siblings

WARREN, OHIO — A fourteen-year-old teenage girl allegedly shot her abusive father with his own handgun. She is being charged with aggravated murder. The real question: was it self-defense?

The girl’s defense attorney, Ian Friedman, has illustrated a case of prolonged physical and mental abuse by the father and the irresponsible gun use of the father to intimidate her, her siblings, and her mother.

“Using that gun around the house, to intimidate, everyone in the home was terrified,” Friedman said.

The teen’s mom claims that her daughter is a hero who protected her family when no one else would. A relative, who serves as a police officer, told Fox 8 News that the teen girl would come to her crying, trying to escape. The police officer took her to the station and filed a report but little to nothing would come of it.

Let’s be perfectly clear: guns should not be a means for enacting vigilante justice. That said, this looks like an extremely sensitive case involving a juvenile using a gun to allegedly protect herself, her mother and her siblings from a man with a history of violence and substance abuse.

He’s also an extremely irresponsible gun owner.

We’ve all seen or heard of cases or situations mirroring this one. There are kids growing up in extremely tough, dangerous conditions and often times it’s one of those things most would rather just look away from. It’s hard to just go to work and pretend some kids from across the street aren’t being actively threatened by a parent who brought them into this world.

But it does happen.

And, when the system fails to correct for it (or the mother of the child refuses to keep a protective order in place), an irresponsible gun owner will inevitably bring about his own demise.

Juvenile prosecutor Stanley Elkins says this teenage girl’s case is the youngest for the county. According to records, she has no prior record of violence. It’s a horrible, sad day when a child has to step up to defend herself with deadly force from a parent. Her next appearance in court is scheduled in August.

There is not really a good system for dealing with violent domestic abuse cases outside of enacting a restraining order and protecting yourself with a handgun. The best thing anyone can do if they know someone in that situation is to get them to start the paper trail.

The next step is to get that protective order. Get that distance established.

With no means of lawfully gaining entry into the home, deadly force is back on the table as an option.

Push one further: people with active charges for domestic abuse or currently under restrictions of a protective order cannot legally buy or carry firearms. If he had a concealed carry permit, it’s null and void the second he starts down the domestic abuse avenue.

That license doesn’t come back normally.

So, if you know of someone who is stuck in a similar situation, give them some sound advice that can save their life.

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