[VIDEO] Why Training For Scenarios Is Important — Reality Versus Perception


We hope you’re having a terrific Saturday and hopefully booking some time in at the range. If you’re not, we wanted to take the opportunity to show a pretty exciting video following one man’s journey through a scenario-based training environment.

First Person Defender is an exciting series on YouTube which features real scenarios and pretty good approximations of conditions that concealed carriers can expect to undergo in real life.

Train for real life. 

It’s a very basic thing but how we imagine we will respond to a live threat is likely different than how we will actually respond.

This is a difficult topic for gun owners and concealed carriers. No matter how good we think we are, we don’t know until we’re put into that spot. And when it comes to defending the lives of our family and those close to us, we need to keep a high level of readiness.

In this particular episode, a student goes through a simulated scenario where a man opens fire in a town hall meeting. There’s a town manager talking and people in the crowd. The trainee didn’t know where the threat would emerge. He had his fiancé with him and his only task was to defend himself and her from an attacker.

When the actual attack happened, we can see that it didn’t go as he would have expected.

In fact, his gun jammed.

The man in the training exercise had to deal with both taking cover and concealment as well as dealing with a gun jam. It doesn’t get more real than that without actual rounds flying.

Pistols jam, situations unfold unexpectedly, and real lives are in danger. That’s a real life scenario. If everything works smoothly and you’re able to take out the shooter in milliseconds, there will be plenty of pats on the back afterwards. However, if you’re wrong, there’s no coming back from it.

That’s why training for real scenarios is so fundamentally important to concealed carry. We have to be prepared for worst case situations because we hold ourselves to that standard. We have to be stronger than the threat seeking to destroy us.

This is a great video in an awesome series of videos covering multiple different scenario-based drills. Hopefully, it will encourage you to up your expectations of what you can provide for training and perhaps even seek out advanced courses that strengthen potential weak points in your handgunnery.

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