Man Fires Gun And Drives Truck Into Bar After Being Kicked Out, Customers Stop Him Before More Damage Is Done


HIRAM, GEORGIA — Some people can’t control their tempers, and will turn violent when they’re mad. Some people will fire a gun into a bar that they were just kicked out of. Sometimes, that same person will then drive their truck into the bar.

And sometimes, people will step up and take the wind out of these people’s sails.

Police said 34-year-old Eduardo Morales of Woodstock was asked to leave 278 South Bar at 11:30 p.m. because he was intoxicated. They said after Morales left the bar, he returned a short time later driving a black Dodge Ram 2500, where he pulled up to the front of the business.

Morales then began firing a weapon into the bar through the window of his truck, police said. Once his weapon was empty, he then drove his truck into the bar through the front doors hitting several customers.


When he tried to back the truck out of the bar, it wouldn’t move. He then allegedly tried reloading his gun, but was quickly pulled out of the truck by customers at the bar, successfully holding him there until police arrived.

The bar took to social media after the event, highlighting the actions of customers who likely ended an event that could have been much more devastating.

Carrying a firearm and places that serve alcohol don’t always mix, and depending on your state, could be outright illegal. Some allow carrying if you’re not drinking, but even with that it’s still a highly debated location.

Firearms aren’t the end-all way to aid yourself and others, as we see in this story. There are other ways to control a situation, and these customers who saved the day are absolute heroes.

One person was grazed by a bullet, while another person was hit by the truck. They have both since been treated and released.


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