Security Guard For A Mining Operation Fends Off Two Attackers


OAK HILL, WEST VIRGINIA — A security guard employed by a mining operation was forced to use his handgun to shoot one of two trespassers who engaged him in an altercation after he confronted them. He alleged that their presence was to steal property from the premises and they became violent when he confronted them.

Injuries sustained from the struggle seem indicative of a fall, confirms West Virginia State Police to FOX News. The alleged thief that was shot during the altercation died later at the scene. His accomplice fled the scene but was recovered by state police shortly thereafter.

The security guard is not being charged with any wrongdoing in this matter as the shooting appears to have been done in self defense.

The difference between security and law enforcement is one is a sworn officer of the law and the other is a private individual operating either independently or through a company. Possession of a firearm can be established through either a company trust or through an individual’s own preference, depending upon the conditions of the contract.

For a mining operation, there are often times millions of dollars in extremely expensive equipment, chemicals, and tools which would fetch a fantastic price on the black market. In order to protect those assets, mining operators can either hire local police at an exorbitant sum or contract out to a private security company.

Standards for security personnel can vary widely depending upon the specifications of the contract and the company operating that contract. In general, when you have millions of dollars at stake on equipment meant to hopefully pull out billions of dollars in revenue from the earth, you tend to hire the type of folks who carry guns.

As an individual working that contract, no amount of money is enough to put your life in danger without the possibility of using a handgun for your own protection.

When you’re stuck out in the wilderness, surrounded by a lot of expensive items, it will take the state police awhile to get to your location. By that time, this security guard could have been in much worse of a state than he was found.

Thankfully, he was armed and he afforded the alleged trespassers every possible opportunity to avoid outright conflict. They jumped him. And in the middle of the wilderness, no one wants to be stuck in that situation.

Glad the security guard pulled out of that one. Stay armed, especially if you’re in that sort of line of work.

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