New Instagram Account Shows That Women Can Carry Firearms, Even College Students, Responsibly And Stylish

A few months ago I started to notice some photos from a new Instagram account come across my feed and wanted to check it out. It was pretty simple; a young woman decided to take photos of herself and her firearm with different clothing. I thought, “That’s a great idea, and should help other women who are interesting in carrying a firearm.”

I was totally right (like always).

Here are the top 3 questions that we get from women about concealed carry:

  1. What gun(s) should I get?
  2. What can I wear that will adequately conceal?
  3. Why is it impossible for me to carry?

And honestly, I can’t answer a lot of the questions because I’m not a woman.

This Instagram account helps with all of those questions, because it shows real-life examples of things that work. Of course she isn’t posting photos of herself in jeans and a tight t-shirt because, well, that won’t conceal a firearm… but it does show that women are out there and are carrying responsibly.

More importantly; younger women.

The owner of the account is a 20-something college student who is lucky enough to attend a school in a state that allows campus carry. And she is taking advantage of that every day.

I reached out to her because I was interested in her work, and thought that she had a good thing going. I wanted to get her on the phone to see if we could use her content for various things and work together in some fashion. When I first sent a message, I accidentally sent it from my personal account. Creepy. But she insisted that I send a message from the business account before getting on the phone. Smart.

We talked for a good 45 minutes about firearms, holsters, how she got into concealed carry, campus carry, and much more. It was refreshing to hear these thoughts from a college student who takes her safety seriously, and also takes advantage of the fact that she can carry on campus.

In her posts, she typically shares the firearm she’s carrying as well as the holster and/or carry method. Some people were quick to address that she never rarely wears a belt, but she snuffed that out with a post explaining her use of the Ulticlip:

So for you women out there, whether you’re 22 or 82, give this Instagram a follow and get in on the great conversations and advice.

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