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Man Opens Fire After Waking Up To Find 2 Home Invaders, Killing One


“‘You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your family in whatever means possible to do that,’ [Radcliff Police Capt. Willie] Wells said. ‘So, long as you can articulate that your actions were in defense of yourself or your property, then I think you would be justified.’”

That’s the considered opinion of a Kentucky cop who was called to a home after two men forced their way inside in the early hours of Sunday morning. The homeowner shot both of them. Twenty-year-old Kobie Long was carried out of the premises.

Long was killed, but the other man is in critical condition at University Hospital.

According to wave3.com, the defender and the two home invaders weren’t strangers.

[Radcliff Police Chief Jeff] Cross said everyone involved in the shooting knew each other and that there may have been some type of run-in at a party earlier that night.

The shooting is still under investigation.

There have been no arrests, and it will likely stay that way, Wells said. The shooting appeared to be an act of self-defense, and the homeowners hasn’t been charged.

Whatever the prior encounter may have been, the homeowner apparently woke to find two strangers in his home in the dead of night. Assuming that’s really what happened here, this was  the very definition of a justifiable shooting in a self-defense situation.

Rule 1: Stay out of other people’s homes unless you’ve been invited. Rule 2: Have a home defense gun ready and available in case you encounter people who ignore Rule 1.

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