Why We Carry: Philly Family Tied Up And Robbed At Gunpoint As Their Child Watches

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — If you want to find the actual wild west, look no further than the out of control city of Philadelphia, where criminals are doing whatever they please. On November 6, at around 10:12 a.m., a family was subjected to a violent home invasion and robbery in their North 7th Street residence. The incident began when a black 2007 or 2008 Acura approached the homeowner, who operates a business from his home, and an employee who were outside the house. Four armed men emerged from the vehicle and forced the two men back inside the house.

Surveillance footage captured the intruders tying up and assaulting the homeowner and his family, including a moment where a child witnessed the gunmen threatening the bound victims. The homeowner, choosing to remain anonymous, recounted the traumatic experience, mentioning how the gunmen threatened his child and physically assaulted his cousin.

The robbers stole a safe, firearms, and jewelry, leaving behind deep psychological scars on the family.

Knowing that firearms were indeed inside the house is even more reason for me to wonder why no one was carrying a firearm on their person at the time of this incident. Call me crazy, but I have my gun on me even while inside the home. Fun fact: 100% of home invasions happen inside the home.

The police are actively searching for the suspects and have requested the public’s assistance. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477) or call 911.

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