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Naked Home Invader Shot At While Trying To Steal Cat

NEWTON COUNTY, TEXAS – A naked man trying to break into someone’s home and steal their cat was shot in rural Texas on October 13th. The homeowner woke up and found the man in his home, shot at the man, and the man was eventually caught by a sheriff’s deputy.

The man called law enforcement around 5:30 a.m. and stated that he found a young, white naked man in his home attempting to steal his cat. The homeowner opened fire and the shot grazed the nude man’s right forearm.

The man then ran from the home and down a county road and was eventually caught. He was then transported to a hospital for treatment and is facing charges.

Unfortunately, it is unclear how the man broke into the home to begin with or why he was trying to steal the cat.

We at Concealed Nation recommend all of our readers to consider all of the possibilities when it comes to home and life security. One of the investments you might want to consider is a home security system so that intruders can’t come in without making a scene. Additionally, get into a habit of checking all doors and windows before going to bed.

Invaders like this, while fortunately unarmed, often times are armed and ready to use their weapon against you. The best way to ensure you and your loved ones are safe is by hardening your home and being trained and willing to eliminate all threats.

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