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Lawmakers Break MO Governor’s Veto — Constitutional Carry Comes To Missouri!

Congratulations to the residents of Missouri who can look forward to a much easier way to carry concealed: without a permit. The newly proposed sweeping gun reform laws pushed through the Missouri legislature include a measure to do away with the need for a concealed carry permit for residents.

Earlier this year, Missouri legislature passed several measures but was stopped short by Governor Jay Nixon. Nixon vetoed the permitless carry proposal amongst a dozen other laws and was swiftly rebuked by having each — including permitless carry — overturned by a legislature that would not play ball.

No word yet on when the finalized version of the law will be enacted.

Missouri will join ten other states in not requiring its residents to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to legally carry a concealed handgun. Kansas recently adopted similar permitless carry measures only a year ago.

If you watched the news video, you will have noticed there is significant vocal opposition to the new law.

The main arguments noted include active law enforcement worried that people whom have never held a gun in their life suddenly believing they will be able to operate it perfectly should the need arise.

This is a debatable point because for all the self-defense incidents we’ve reported on, the overwhelming majority were likely not extremely well trained gun owners. Most appeared to understand that a gun is a tool.

The second argument is that of the instructors seeing bad habits go uncorrected.

With a mandatory training requirement, there is at least some limited guarantee that any concealed carrier will have the most basic of an understanding on how the law plays into a self defensive gun use.

More important than hitting a paper target is the mental preparation to ensure someone is on the right track.

Issues such as brandishing, threatening, or firing warning shots are often covered in a concealed carry or pistol safety class.

Without this instruction, people could unknowingly be setting themselves up for failure or worse. However, is it the state’s role to decide what level of preparation is sufficient to enable a person to carry a concealed handgun?

We would argue against that. What we need are responsible individuals who seek out that training to give themselves the best chance of success in a worst case scenario… Or even better, know enough to avoid the situation entirely.

The most logical and respected arguments against permitless concealed carry are made from the standpoint of the need for awareness and education. The least logical arguments are based upon feelings that individuals cannot be trusted to own or carry firearms. Those arguments are easily thrown out because in our nation, each person has a right to make that decision for him or herself. The state laws, if anything, are just catching up to that notion.

The need for training is real. The need for basic education and understanding for responsible actions is real. Those two issues do not vanish once the permits go away. It is our job as individuals to educate ourselves and seek out proper instruction.

Congratulations, Missouri residents. Carry everyday. Carry responsibly.

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