Suspect Tries Stealing Car, Can’t Drive Stick, Car Owner Holds Him At Gunpoint – WATCH

If I can’t tag something in the Guns Saving Lives category, it’s not self-defense. And if we’re drawing our firearm and pointing it at someone, your life should be in danger at that point.

Some will argue, but I’d have them ask themselves this: If the suspect in the video decided to run, would you expect the armed citizen to shoot him? If you answered yes, you shouldn’t be carrying a firearm.

I don’t want to rip this guy apart, and I know in some states it’s legal to use deadly force against theft, but what happens if this suspect were shot? How will a jury look at it, and would they agree that it was reasonable force? These are big questions, and questions you should think about if you carry.

Video below. Haters can send me an email here.

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