Woman Opens Fire On Suspects After Her Husband Is Stabbed During Home Invasion


FORT BEND COUNTY, TEXAS — A woman unleased hell on a group of armed robbers who police say broke into the couple’s home and stabbed her husband in the leg. The invasion happened around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, and the group ended up not being successful in their robbery attempt.

One of the men stabbed the husband in the leg with a butcher knife, and another pointed a gun at the couple’s child, according to the woman who spoke with reporters. She reported a total of 6 armed men who broke into the home.

The robbers fleeing and the woman shooting were captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera, which can be viewed below.

I’m categorizing this incident as Guns Saving Lives, but it just made the cut. While the armed woman definitely made the suspects flee, her chase of the suspects is not something that I’d ever recommend. Bullets went flying, including into a neighbor’s garage, and the damage you can cause from this can be devastating, not to mention the possible legal ramifications if you were to shoot one or more of the fleeing suspects.

There is no word on the identities of the suspects, or if any were struck by gunfire and/or arrested.

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