[VIDEO] Gun Brandished During Road Rage – What Would You Do?


Howell Mill in Atlanta. Dashcam video recorded an incident where a vehicle stopped abruptly at an intersection and a passenger got out with a pistol. He approaches the vehicle with the dashcam and makes repeated threatening movements with the brandishing of his gun.

The original source for this was a post on Reddit. But, we’ll do a breakdown because this applies to concealed carriers and gun owners pretty much everywhere.

0:11 — Suspect stops car. Another suspect gets out of the passenger seat and approaches driver’s vehicle with a pistol.

0:14 — Armed suspect racks a round into the chamber and approaches via passenger side.

0:17 — Armed suspect moves off camera.

0:31 — Armed suspect moves back into frame.

0:36 — Suspect is back in car.

0:38 — Armed suspect moves back towards camera.

0:40 — Victim’s vehicle moves around suspect’s vehicle and departs the scene.

No further action.

The video is believed to have been submitted to the Atlanta police. Make no mistake, brandishing your firearm to threaten or intimidate someone else is considered assault.

There is no reason to not interpret this man’s actions as directly threatening and violent. As he racked the upper receiver back, he is putting a round in the chamber.

I’m not a lawyer and don’t take my legal advice. I can only speak for myself. I will honestly say that if I saw that happen to me, I would engage my assailant with deadly force using my own legally concealed firearm.

You watch the video and make your own conclusions. This situation panned out and apparently de-escalated. However, the driver is a victim of assault with a deadly weapon. That’s a felony. As such, it’s well within his full legal rights (or that of a Good Samaritan) to defend himself and neutralize the threat.

If you get stuck in that situation, you make the call. If I get stuck in that situation, I’ll do the same.

Defend your life or be a victim. If this dude wants to shoot you, you can sit there and accept it or acquiesce to any of his demands or you have the choice to willingly engage in the protection of your life and property.

This time of thug behavior is rolling to an end.

People are sick of it and the rule of law will be applied pretty stringently to those who seek to idly threaten others to show how tough they are.

As for the gun owner in the video, he’s no longer a legal gun owner if he ever was in the first place. He’s lucky he ran into someone who is okay with being victimized. We’re not all like that. We don’t all roll over and play dead. It’s going to be a shame that thugs like him are going to have to figure that lesson out the hard way.

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