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Teen Shot And Killed While Attempting Armed Robbery During Illegal Gun Sale

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — A teen met up with another group with the intention to sell them a firearm. However, according to the story, the teen got greedy and tried to rob his intended purchasers. That’s when the teen learned one of the group already had a gun of their own.

According to records from Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Dispatch, a call of shots fired came at 10:07 p.m. in the 2200 block of North Fulton Avenue. When police arrived they found Ellington shot on the sidewalk. 

In a news release, police said Ellington had been shot and learned he had met with several people to sell a handgun. Police said witnesses told them Ellington pointed a handgun at the group and tried to rob them.

One of the alleged intended robbery victims was armed with a handgun and fired several times in response to Ellington’s actions.

Via Courier & Press

When police were first notified of the shooting, the scene was chaotic. A 911 caller said he heard multiple gun shots but feared to investigate further. His answers were noticeably strange. When police arrived on scene they found multiple firearms.

The caller was evading some questions from the dispatcher, who told emergency responders over police radio that the man was being “difficult.”

Initially police handcuffed and arrested members of the group who were responsible for shooting Ellington. After speaking to witnesses, the police decided not to arrest them, as they deemed it was a self defense shooting. All the guns involved were taken and collected by the police.

I wrote an article just recently about another incident of two groups meeting to buy / sell goods. These Craigslist type transactions are becoming increasingly dangerous. Showing up to meet someone who is coming with a wad of cash seems to be a tempting target for would be robbers.

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