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Suspects Found Inside Home, Armed Realtor Holds Them At Gunpoint

JONESBORO, ARKANSAS — Real estate brokers and agents have a pretty exposed line of work. We see them when we’re looking at a potential new property or looking to get one up on the market but, in truth, these guys and gals pretty much make a career out of walking in and out of homes that should be vacant. And then there’s this case…

According to ABC Region 8 News, a female realtor entered a home and discovered a naked man passed out face down on a bed. There were two others in the home with him and she pulled her concealed carry pistol to defend herself. She warned them to stay in the room and wait until police arrived. The fast-thinking real estate agent called 911 and police showed up to find Corey Vandyke, 38, still passed out on the bed.

His two accomplices jumped out a window and escaped.

Officers took no chances and loudly told Vandyke and his company to come out of the room and surrender themselves. Vandyke, the bright one in the bunch, yelled out he was going to shoot the officers with a .22 rifle he had with him.

Thankfully for them — and him — he eventually surrendered and was taken into custody.

Officers found a lone marijuana plant growing out back. They took it as evidence alongside an unloaded .22 rifle and an unloaded shotgun.

Vandyke will be charged with threatening the lives of those officers alongside possession of the plant. His home of record is the same as the address where he was captured — leading to questions as to whether his estranged wife who owns the home had allowed him to stay there. The home had been on the market for awhile but the real estate agent obviously wasn’t aware of any such arrangements.

Despite Vandyke’s loud mouth and idle threats, he thankfully had the sense to give up. An unloaded rifle is not much of a match for two trained sworn officers of the law and a legally armed civilian.

This is a huge reminder that for those of you out there who make a career in the showing of homes, definitely stay on your toes when going in and out of a property that’s supposedly vacant. There’s really no saying what deadbeats or low-lives are going to be skulking around in the woodwork.

And as for the real estate agent, hopefully her commission just went up because otherwise, there ain’t no commission in the world worth walking into that sort of scenario.

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