Concealed Carrier Stops Nightclub Mass Shooting Just Weeks After Orlando Massacre

LYMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA — One bad guy had an extremely bad night after a concealed carrier returned fire on him outside a nightclub in Lyman. The bad guy in question was identified as Jody Ray Thompson, 30. He opened fire indiscriminately on several onlookers after he left a nightclub. One of the onlookers, thankfully, was carrying a concealed firearm and returned fire — striking him once in the leg.

According to WHNS News and FOX 4, Thompson got into a verbal altercation with another man outside the nightclub. Onlookers gathered and he took out a handgun and opened fire. His rounds hit three people before the fourth, a legal concealed carrier, returned fire.

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“His rounds struck three victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo told WHNS.

Thompson was taken to a nearby hospital to have his gunshot wound treated but will be facing multiple counts of attempted murder as well as possession of an unlawful firearm. The concealed carrier, who allegedly cooperated fully with authorities, will face no charges.

This event happened just weeks after a tragic shooting in a nightclub in Orlando took the lives of several dozen people and injured quite a few more.

One concealed carrier decided he was not going to be a victim that night.

In a previous article, we covered that South Carolina had just opened up concealed carry to nightclubs and bars so long as the concealed carrier does not drink alcohol.

This reinforces the importance of carrying everywhere we are legally allowed to.

As concealed carriers, we cannot predict when some fool will decide to wantonly hurt others and ourselves.

It’s our duty to always be prepared, be clear of mind, and ready to react at a moment’s notice. That’s the price of defeating complacency and maintaining situational awareness.

This concealed carrier did a fantastic job responding to the threat upon his life and probably saving others in the process. Concealed carriers are under no obligation to stop violence but the second it gets directed in their direction, it’s time to act. This man gave the criminal every opportunity to not make that mistake.

Thompson is an example of an irresponsible gun owner who illegally used his firearm to hurt others in an attempt to prove just how big of a man he was. Now, he’ll have to prove all those things to a judge, a jury of his peers, and to his fellow inmates. Good riddance.

Stay prepared, carry everywhere you are legally allowed to by law, and be safe out there.

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