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[VIDEO] Robber Tries Make Off With $100K In Jewelry — One Store Owner Objects

BOARDMAN TOWNSHIP, OHIO — Authorities describe a chaotic scene taking place after hours at the Cirelli Jewelers after an attempted burglary is interrupted by one of the jewelers.

Surveillance video provided by WKBN 27 shows a burglar gaining access to the front entrance of Cirelli Jewelers.  It also shows one of the jewelers – who lives above the store – armed with a gun, waiting outside to stop the crime in progress.

via WKBN 27

“He armed himself and went to the front of the business where the subject came at him. He fired a number of shots,” Boardman Police Chief Jack Nichols said.

One of those shots, despite being at close range, missed the burglar altogether and went through the window of a nearby funeral home.  But the action wasn’t for naught – the thief dropped a bag filled with an estimated $100,000 worth of jewelry before escaping in a vehicle.

Police followed a trail of blood which abruptly ended – indicating the thief entered a vehicle and escaped.  The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time but generally when someone is shot severely, he has a limited time to seek professional medical assistance.

Police are also curious to see if a link exists between this failed robbery and a similar one which occurred at another jewelry store in the area.  That robbery was successful but the bandit made off with a measly $8K – in comparison to the near $100K estimated for this one.

While the identify of the burglar is still unknown, police are confident that his DNA will be identified and with it – the implication of his presence at the crime.  And especially because the guy took close quarters gunshot wounds, Nichols said it was just a matter of time before he showed up at a hospital.

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