Here Is How I Want The Next Mass Shooting To Go


What a horrible title for an article, but it’s something that we all know is going to happen again. Instead of all the talk of gun control, let’s talk about a real-life solution. I know I’m going to be preaching to the choir and that many of my following thoughts will reflect yours, but it’s important to look at these realities and move forward with them.

A mass shooting, like we saw in Orlando, will happen again. It’s only a matter of time.

A guy walks into a bar. No, this isn’t a joke. He walks in with the intentions of doing as much harm as possible, and you’re in there with him. He shoots indiscriminately at you and your friends, and anyone else who happened to pick the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not your fault, of course, but what can you do to prepare for something like this?

I can tell you one thing for sure: No one in that club thought it’d happen. It likely didn’t cross their minds as they made the decision to go out that night. But it did happen, and many lives were lost, along with countless other lives destroyed by this singular event.

My case is going to be for concealed carry, so let’s get one important thing out of the way. There has always been a lot of talk regarding concealed carry and establishments that serve alcohol. What many don’t know, however, is that numerous states allow the two together. And guess what; we don’t hear blood and horror in the news. While I’m not saying that someone should carry a firearm while they’re drinking, I am saying that I see no problem with a responsible, armed citizen, who is the DD for the night… bringing his or her firearm along. There may be a change-up in the way they carry, such as deeper concealment, but it doesn’t seem irresponsible to me. If you’re carrying, you are in control of your firearm. It’s as simple as that.

Back to the scenario.

A guy walks into a bar. He starts shooting. No one in that establishment has any means of fighting back with equal force. He continues shooting. More people die. Three hours pass until police finally take him out. This is not to criticize the police response, and I’m sure they did what they could to help as soon as they could. This is to highlight three hours of absolute terror for everyone in that building, and they couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

Here’s my scenario.

A guy walks into a bar. He starts shooting. Jim is there with his three friends. Jim’s the DD for the night and decided to bring his Glock 19 with him. He’s safe, responsible, and carries everywhere he goes.

Jim immediately realizes what’s taking place and gets to a location for cover. His friends come with him. As the gunman makes his way around the room, Jim watches closely and is scared to death, just as everyone else is.

Then, Jim sees an opportunity. The gunman’s rifle jams. It happened in Orlando. Jim draws his Glock 19 and immediately fires three shots at the gunman. He misses each time, but it was enough for the gunman to take notice. He now has to contend with someone in the same room, who also has a firearm.

The scenario changes dramatically.

The gunman takes cover and clears his malfunction and is ready to fire again. Instead of shooting at random people, his undivided attention is now on the person who was firing back. As the gunman ponders his next move, many people are able to get to safety. They now have a window of opportunity to get out. To stay alive.

While the gunman has his head down, Jim fires two more shots. The gunman sees where the shots are coming from and fires in that direction. Jim returns fire a few more times.

Realizing that this is the end, the gunman, now up against force, turns his gun on himself and ends his own life.

It’s happened, and hardly anyone talked about it.

In so many cases, such as the Newtown Shooting, the bad guy ended his life when resistance had arrived. They know it’s over at that point and would rather go out on their own terms. If we have millions of concealed carriers across the Country who can intervene, wouldn’t you want one there if you found yourself face-to-face with this kind of evil?

It’s never a guarantee, just like anything else, but dammit… it helps to level the playing field.

And that’s how I want the next mass shooting to go.

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