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Federal Judge Halts ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule, Calling It Unlawful

Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk has issued a preliminary injunction against the ATF’s rule on AR-pistol braces, declaring the rule illegal. This rule classified AR-pistols with stabilizer braces as short barrel rifles, which are strictly regulated under the National Firearms Act.

The injunction stems from a case involving plaintiffs like Gabriel Tauscher, a partially disabled veteran, and Shawn M. Kroll, an AR-pistol owner. Tauscher argued that the rule would cause him irreparable harm as he relies on a brace for shooting, while Kroll uses a brace for safety while firing his non-shoulder-fired pistol.

Judge Kacsmaryk acknowledged the ATF’s concerns over attempts to bypass regulations but emphasized that safety goals must be pursued within legal bounds. He stated that the ATF’s rule does not meet this standard and therefore cannot stand. The injunction he placed halts the implementation of the ATF’s rule on pistol braces.

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