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Houston Father Shoots Two Home Intruders Attempting To Break In

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A father awoke during the night after hearing a noise and grabbed his firearm. Upon investigation, he ran into two intruders that were attempting to break in.

The father fired, hitting both of the suspects. Both were taken to the hospital; one in critical condition and the other was said to be in stable condition.

The news article ends with “The homeowner spoke with police after the shooting. It is not known if he will face any charges.”

The best comment so far:

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Pending any strange twist to the story, the homeowner shouldn’t be facing any charges for defending his home from intruders, however things can potentially get dicey if the intruders didn’t actually make it inside.

Or, as an example, the homeowner shot the intruders as they were fleeing. Now we have two bad guys with bullet holes in their backs, and this also can potentially carry charges against the homeowner.

Stand your ground, castle doctrine. We’ll have to see how this plays out, but I suspect it’s an open and shut case.

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