Suspect In Deadly Home Invasion Implicated After Police Find His Homework Assignment In Getaway Vehicle

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – This is a follow-up to a story that CN published on March 30th, which told of a home invasion in which the female victim died after exchanging gunfire with at least one of several suspects. In that story, we reported that Kamari Oliver, 18, was being held without bail on numerous charges including suspicion of open murder, home invasion with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, and first-degree kidnapping.

Police have released additional information on the incident which may shed some light on the motive for the crime, and the interesting way that Kamari lead investigators to bring charges against him.

According to their investigation, the victim’s boyfriend was known for selling high-end jewelry on Instagram, which explains why the home and its occupants were likely targeted by the robbers. As the suspects attempted to flee the scene, their getaway vehicle crashed into a wall outside the home, and they ran away.  

Inside the vehicle, officers found $5,000 in cash and a backpack. According to a statement in the police report, “Inside the backpack was a school Chrome Book along with a notebook of schoolwork, specifically math work. In the top right corner of the schoolwork, the name ‘Kamari Oliver’ and ‘5th Period’ were written.”

Further investigation revealed that the 18-year-old suspect had an unexplained absence for the last two periods on the day of the deadly home invasion. Officers arrested Oliver at Las Vegas Valley High School.

Speaking on Oliver’s behalf, attorney Dan Winder said, “I think the evidence is going to show he never went inside of that house. He’s an 18-year-old with no prior criminal history as an adult or juvenile. We believe the facts are going to show he was not involved in any murder.”

Perhaps Kamari is putting his math skills to work adding up the years in prison that he is facing if convicted on all charges.

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