Mom In Jail After Planting Handgun In Child’s Backpack Before He Goes To School, Then Calling School To Report Him

The “Worst Mom Of The Year” award goes to 28-year-old Heather Hodges, a Texas resident who called a school from a payphone to report that her step-son had brought a handgun to school with him.

How did she know that the boy had a handgun in his backpack? She planted it there herself.

Her reason? She wanted to teach the 13-year-old a lesson for ‘the mistreatment’ of her own children.

After she anonymously called the school and named the student, the Assistant Principal of the school, Donna Covarrubias, found the boy in gym class and searched his backpack.

Covarrubias said the boy seemed believable in not knowing the gun was there, from allowing her to search the bag without hesitation, from the look on his face when she found the gun.

“He was very believable,” Covarrubias said. “When he saw the gun, his face turned stark white.”

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The boy was expelled and spent a few days in a juvenile detention facility, even though he repeatedly told the same story and did not waver. He even offered the theory that his stepmother planted the handgun there.

During multiple interviews with Hodges, she finally confessed that she planted her boyfriend’s 9mm Smith & Wesson in the backpack, apparently to teach him a lesson. She also confessed to calling the school to report the boy. This was after police were able to match her voice to the voice that called on the payphone, and also had evidence of her vehicle by the payphone at the time of the call.

Hodges will spend the next three years in prison for her stunt.


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