[HOLSTER REVIEW] Alien Gear Cloak MOD OWB Holster

Alien Gear Holsters continues to innovate, and they’ve done it again with their newest edition to the line. Meet the Cloak MOD OWB holster.


It’s an outside-the-waistband holster that uses either a paddle or slide feature to attach it to your belt. The relatively easy on-off design allows you to swap them out, giving you control in this modular design.

As with all other Alien Gear holsters, you’re still allowed to swap out the shells as well. Any previous shells that you may own from Alien Gear will work perfectly with this holster. It’s a fantastic feature that they’ve continued to implement throughout their product line, and it allows for super easy swaps so that you can carry whichever firearm you prefer.


The retention that they utilize with this holster is unique. In the image above, the backing is actually flexible. It uses a mixture of rubber and steel, allowing it to flex to your firearm… whichever one you choose to use. This allows the holster to be versatile and simple, while maintaining a perfect ‘grip’ on your firearm.

ScreenHunter_338 Apr. 07 11.44


A closer look of the paddle shows us a big old alien head, which is curved to contour with the body while it’s being worn. It feels great, and you’ll hardly notice it’s presence once it’s been on your hip for just a little bit. It’s secure, made of quality material, and I can see it lasting for a very long time.


If you aren’t happy with the retention of the holster, Alien Gear has you covered. As with their other holsters, they give you a spare parts pack that gives you different options for inserts between the backing and the kydex shell. The rubber bushings are available big and small, which of course is what gives you more –or less– retention on the firearm. There’s a solution for everyone, regardless of your taste in retention.

ScreenHunter_339 Apr. 07 11.48

In the video, you’ll also see their clever way of allowing you to adjust the cant of the holster. They do this by having a few extra holes on the back, in the location where either the paddle or slide attach. It’s truly a simple and genius design.

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Moving to the slide feature, this piece above swaps out with the paddle. There is an in-depth demonstration of how the holster comes apart in order to swap these pieces out. It’s not the most time-efficient way, but once you have it apart… you’ll figure out why it’s set up in such a way. This thing is built like a tank, and I’m sure that much careful consideration and thought went into all aspects of the design.


If you’re in the market for a solid OWB holster that’s versatile, economical and backed with great customer service, you’ll want to check this new holster out.

PRICE: $47.88 (link)

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