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Gas Station Worker Ends Up In Gun Fight Over Reported 4 Dollar Theft

After a shoplifter absconds with a pair of drinks at a gas station convenience store, he tried to beat a quick retreat to his friend (or friends) in a nearby SUV.

The clerk went out to confront the shoplifter, armed, and what ensued reportedly got an innocent bystander hurt.

In the video below, you can see a fight that’s started over a reported $4 theft.

When the clerk came out to confront the thief, he claimed that someone in the vehicle presented a firearm — it’s not possible to tell with the provided footage.

Whatever the stimulus, however, the clerk did open fire at the car and did receive fire in return, some of which reportedly harmed an innocent person. Check out the video below, and while you do, consider:

  1. Am I regularly carrying with a safe holster?
  2. Do I have the training to provide first aid in a crisis?
  3. Do I keep a first aid kit handy?
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