#DIGTHERIG – Mark and his HK VP9 in a StealthGearUSA Holster

1. HK VP9.

2. StealthgearUSA Onyx IWB.

3. I carry the HK VP9 In an Onyx IWB because it is by far the most
comfortable holster that I have ever worn. There was no break in
period for the holster, it felt extremely comfortable to me from day
one. I’m tall guy so I can carry a full size, and the HK VP9 is an
amazing firearm. Accurate, reliable, and feels perfect in my hand.

4. Picture attached. I carry Federal HST +P Ammo, an OLIGHT S1 Baton,
keysmart keyholder because I hate having full pockets and that helps A
LOT. Spyderco Knife, and APIT 50 BMG because you never know when you
need to shoot down a communist helicopter! (Kidding)

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