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Legislation In The Works To Allow NY Judges To Carry Firearms In Court

ALBANY, NEW YORK — Two Republican lawmakers from upstate New York, Sen. George Borello and Assemblyman Joseph Giglio, have proposed legislation allowing judges with pistol permits to carry firearms in courtrooms for self-defense and the protection of others. This proposal comes as a response to 2022 gun reforms that designated courts as “sensitive locations” and prohibited firearms on the premises.

The lawmakers argue that rural judges, in particular, should be able to defend themselves and others, as rural courtrooms typically have less security compared to city courtrooms, potentially leaving court staff vulnerable. According to the Office of Court Administration (OCA), New York state court officers, who are considered peace officers, are permitted and trained to carry firearms. The proposed legislation, bill S7633, has not been reviewed by the OCA yet, so they have not issued any comments.

The bill will need to pass through a committee and receive approval from both legislative chambers. The Legislature is scheduled to reconvene in Albany in January for the usual legislative session. Democrats currently hold a supermajority in both chambers.

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